about Mundus Press


Mundus Press is run
by sisters Emma
& Charlotte Kohlmann

We are based
in Northampton,
Massachusetts and
were established
in January of 2021

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We choose to not be defined by a set of criteria or aesthetic choices when it comes to the types of publications and projects we produce. There are no limits to the people we want to work with and the projects we want to be a part of. Mundus is about working with artists, non-artists, writers, and those who do not give themselves a title for what they do.

Mundus strives to garner an inclusive and collaborative community that publishes equitable and affordable publications and objects. Mundus event productions intend to do the
same, by providing welcoming show spaces.  

Almost every release will give back to a non-profit organization that fits with the themes and concepts of the project. 

We are excited about future collaborations.
Mundus is open to ideas ~_~ let’s talk soon.  

xo Emma and Charlotte

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Our LVL3 Interview here

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